Nature Sounds CDs and Wild Bird Songs CDs & MP3s without music. At NatureSong we have been recording Sounds of Nature and selling Nature CDs for over 25 years. All of our Nature Sounds are continuous digital recordings of the beautiful, tranquil, ambient, Natural Sounds of Nature and Wild Bird Songs recorded live on location and available in standard CD or MP3 format for download. We feature a unique collection of Natural Sounds including some of the highest quality, ambient Wild Bird Songs recorded across North America and the most complete selection of Nature Sounds of the National Parks and State Parks. We feature over 100 different General Nature Sounds  and Wild Bird Song CDs and hundreds of sounds of Nature Sounds from most of the National Parks, State Parks and Seaside Attractions on the continent and in your back yard. Our Nature Sounds, Wild Bird Songs and Parks & Attractions Nature Sounds all feature over 60 minutes of crystal clear minutes of ambient natural sounds on one continuous track with no breaks, no talking, lectures or music. We believe that the relaxing sounds of nature should be heard naturally. It's the only thing we do, naturally.
~ William Leverick

All Nature Sounds & Bird Songs Available in Standard CD or MP3 Format

SongbirdsBird Songs

Melodic sounds of songbirds recorded on location across North America. All recordings are ambient, continuous bird songs, digitally recorded, mastered and reproduced on the highest quality equipment to accurately duplicate nature in your living room for your relaxation and listening pleasure. 

Wilderness Stream SoundGeneral Nature

The calming, healing sounds of Rivers, Streams, Waterfalls, Crickets, Frogs, Lakes, Thunderstorms, Wolves, Swamps, Everglades, Rainforests and other wonderful sounds of nature that will remind you of your intimate connection with the natural world as you relax in the comfort of your living room. All nature sounds feature continuous, non-stop sounds of the natural world, digitally recorded on location across North America. 

Surf SongOceans

Take a break from a long day at the office, kick back in your favorite chair at home and relive those wonderful summer days at the beach. The Surf is soothing and the seagulls in the distance will lull you into the relaxation that we all need. Listen to the sea creatures, whales and dolphins communicate across endless miles of bottomless oceans across the world, recorded digitally using state of the art marine equipment. 

Sounds of National ParksNational Parks, State Parks & Attractions

Enjoy the sounds of nature from many of the National Parks, State Parks, Favorite Beaches and Attractions from across North America. All sounds are continuous, ambient sounds of nature recorded live on location at some of the most memorable Parks and Attractions. Enjoy the relaxing, calming effects of nature from some of the most treasured locations across North America. 

The Anthology Collections

Six CD Collections of North America's favorite Nature Sounds - without music

Songbird Serenade Anthology

Songbird Serenade Anthology 6 CD Collection

Songbirds Anthology 6 CD Collection

Songbirds Anthology 6 CD Collection

Nature Sounds Anthology 6 CD Collection

Nature Sounds Anthology 6 CD Collection

Rain Sounds Anthology

Rain Anthology 4 CD Collection

Yellowstone Anthology 6 CD Collection

Yellowstone Anthology 6 CD Collection

Ocean Sounds Anthology

Ocean Sounds Anthology 6 CD Collection

National Parks Anthology

National Park Nature Anthology 6 CD Collection

Natural Environments Anthology

Natural Environments Anthology 6 CD Collection