About NatureSong


Naturesong has been recording and selling Nature Sounds and the Sounds of Nature and Wild Bird Songs since 1984. Our extensive library of natural sounds and our sensible pricing has made us an industry leader for over 24 years. Nature sound recordings are all 60 minutes in length, uninterrupted, ambient sounds of nature, no music, no lectures, no tours, simply nature as it should be heard. All of our nature sounds are available on compact disc, continuous natural sounds recorded in natural settings with no breaks or interruptions for one hour of relaxing listening.

NatureSong was incorporated in Florida in 1985 and has been providing the industry with nature recordings ever since. Our wide variety of nature sounds have been favorites of gift shops, nature centers, museums, aquariums, zoos, botanical gardens, arboretums and birding stores. Over the years we have been fortunate enough to become suppliers of such well known commercial institutions as Disney World, Sea World, the Shedd Aquarium, the New England Aquarium and many others. We are now also authorized vendors to the "Wild Bird Marketplace", "Wild Birds Unlimited" and "Wild Bird Centers" chains of birding stores.

In the early years we offered only one CD sold locally in Florida and have now grown to the point that we offer the widest variety of nature sounds available anywhere both on compact disc. All of our sounds are recorded digitally, live on location with a minimum of outside distractions to degrade the recording. Modern technology and the proliferation of the internal combustion engine has made it increasingly difficult to get good recordings over an extended period of time on location, so it is necessary to sometimes edit out the occasional plane flying over an otherwise remote recording location.

All in all, we try to reproduce a nature recording as it should be heard, pure and clean. We have resisted the trend of adding music to nature, feeling that even the best music distracts from the beautiful tranquillity of pure nature. Our CDs are favorites of doctors and dentists offices, masseuses, chiropractors and others in the healing professions because they realize the therapeutic aspects of nature. You will find that listening to any of these nature sounds will aid in producing restful and relaxing sleep and will often be more helpful than some over the counter medications.

We have always believed that we, as a species, in cooperation with all other living things, form nature and the environment around us. We are happiest when we do not stand apart from nature but are immersed in it. Why else would we feel the exhilaration of standing on a deserted beach and feeling the sea mist blowing across our faces? Why else would we feel the deep spiritual sense of tranquillity that sweeps through us standing deep in a forest glen? And why would we feel so elated on hearing the sounds of songbirds on a spring morning?

The human race, is simply the thinking, reasoning part of nature and to listen to the sounds, pure and unadulterated, is the closest we will get to nature without jumping in the car and driving often hundreds of miles to experience it in the wild.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your CD and tell others about NatureSong recordings.