Valley Forge National Park

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Valley Forge National Historical Park’s tall-grass meadows are home to many birds year around, but especially abound in songbirds that nest in the spring. The park’s woodlands also harbor spring nesting birds, such as the wood thrush, which can often be heard staking out its territory in the woodlots and forested areas of the park. Herons can be seen wading the edges of Valley Creek, and red-winged blackbirds sing from the reeds in the park’s many wetlands. In addition to a wide variety of songbirds like Cardinals, Song Sparrows and Eastern Bluebirds, birds of prey and waterfowl are found in appropriate habitat in the park.

Bird watchers at Valley Forge enjoy the challenge of spotting and identifying 225 species, including over 50 species of shorebirds and wetland inhabitants, and over 30 species of warblers. Twenty birds of prey have been sighted at Valley Forge, including both bald and golden eagles, osprey, and the rare peregrine falcon and northern goshawk.

Records collected prior to 1996 were compiled and the "Bird Sightings List" includes sighting likelihood for 216 species by season, as well as a map of the 26 birding "hot spots" within the park Scientists from Pennsylvania State University recently completed a three-year inventory of birds in the park (1999-2001). Out of the six Pennsylvania national parks included in the study, the greatest number of species (163) were observed at Valley Forge. Most of these species were observed in the park during the spring migratory season. Six new bird species were documented in the park:


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