Glacier National Park

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Glacier National Park is located in the U.S. state of Montana, bordering the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia to the North and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation to the East. Glacier National Park contains two mountain ranges (sub-ranges of the Rocky Mountains), which are sometimes referred to as the southern extension of the Canadian Rockies. The park encompasses over 1 million acres, with 300 lakes (130 of which are definitively named), more than 1,100 different species of vascular plants, 400 species of moss and hundreds of species of animals. Nowhere on the North American continent are the prairies of the Great Plains so proximal to the temperate rain forests of the Pacific Northwest. This vast pristine ecosystem, spread across 1,584 mi², is the centerpiece of what has been referred to as the "Crown of the Continent Ecosystem", a region of protected land encompassing 16,000 mi².

Glacier National Park is rich in biodiversity. Most of us on Summit Post go to the mountains to get away from the stresses of everyday living.  According to the Glacier National Park "Bird List" there are 285 different types of birds that spend all or part of their life within the boundaries of Glacier National Park.

 Some of these birds are quite rare but they have been seen there. Some Like the American Dipper, also known as the Water Ouzel, are unique and are amazing to watch as they literally fly through Glacier's streams in search of food. Included in the lists below are the names of the bird, it scientific name as well as which side of the Continental Divide the bird is found. Birds that are found in the alpine environments, like the White tailed Ptarmigan and Willow Ptarmigan, are frequently seen en route to Glacier's summits.




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