Hawaii National Parks

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Hawaii contains eight national parks. The islands are most famous for their volcanoes, oceans, beautiful landscapes and complex ecosystems.. Other parks were established to preserve native activities, history and culture from ancient ritual sites to a Hansen's disease colony. Hawaii is also home to a national memorial designed to encourage quiet contemplation, and to appeal to our memory and sense of sacrifice after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Our ability to see is a powerful tool for experiencing our world, but sound adds a richness that sight alone cannot provide. In many cases, hearing is the only option for experiencing certain aspects of our environment. The symphony of natural sounds within our national parks is an important natural resource and a critical component of the ecological communities that parks seek to preserve. Understanding the role of sound and acoustics in a healthy ecosystem is critical to their effective management and protection.

The National Park Service Organic Act mandates the preservation and/or restoration of natural resources within parks, including the acoustical environment. Noise can impact the acoustical environment much like smog impact. The National Park Service works to protect and enhance park resources and visitor experiences, and as a result, the Natural Sounds Program differentiates between the physical sound sources and human perceptions of those sounds. The combination of physical sound resources, or acoustic resources, at a particular location comprise what is known as the acoustical environment. Acoustic resources include both natural sounds (wind, water, wildlife, vegetation) and cultural and historic sounds (battle reenactments, tribal ceremonies, quiet reveren



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Hawaii National Parks
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