Galena Creek Recreational Area

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The Great Basin Institute is an interdisciplinary field studies organization that promotes environmental research, education, and conservation throughout the West. The Institute advances ecological literacy and habitat restoration through educational outreach and direct service programs.

Despite boasting a picturesque creek, beautiful trees and some spectacular views, the Galena Creek area is often overlooked by both locals and visitors to the Reno-Tahoe area. The Galena Creek area is a great spot to spend a day enjoying nature at its finest–without having to drive very far from Reno.

The word, “galena,” derives from the type of lead sulfide rock that was found with the gold mined in the district. Ironically, floods have had more to do with shaping the face of the Galena area. Over the years, snow melts in late winter and early spring or flash floods in late summer produced “wet mantle” flood, (sometimes as high as 10-feet) which are sheets of water pouring down the mountainside.

The result of such floods can be seen in the mounds of rocks and boulders found scattered around the park. With its groves of White Fir and Jeffrey and Ponderosa pines, the area is a wooded sanctuary that rises from a high desert, sagebrush vegetation zone to the more heavily wooded alpine environment.

At the lower elevations, there are shrubs like Bitterbrush, Manzanita and clumps of twisted Mountain Mahogany. Animal life includes a wide variety of birds, such as jays and hawks, as well as an occasional black bear and mountain lion (although both are rarely seen).


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Galena Creek Recreational Area
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