Lake Tahoe Basin

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Located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Lake Tahoe's beautiful, sapphire-blue waters straddle the California-Nevada state line. The lake's elevation averages 6,225 feet, and surrounding peaks reach heights of up to 10,880 feet. Relaxation and recreation abound in the Lake Tahoe Basin.  Please come and enjoy one of your national treasures.

Running from Fallen Leaf Lake to Kiva Beach at Lake Tahoe is Taylor Creek. What was once an ordinary alpine stream is now one of Lake Tahoe's most popular attractions. The entire area, from the profile chamber to Kiva Beach, is great for kids. The National Forest Service has created interpretive hiking trails throughout the meadow where the creek approaches Lake Tahoe.

The Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit Visitors Center is located at the focus of these trails. The main attraction, however, is the stream profile chamber, which gives a glimpse into the alpine stream habitat. On the west side of Highway 89 the stream is a bit more rugged, but it is far from remote.

Several nature trails are available at Taylor Creek Visitor Center, including the Rainbow Trail, Tallac Historic Site Trail, Lake of the Sky Trail, and Smokey's Trail. These are all easy and take you to various places in the visitor center vicinity. During summer months, there are naturalist led programs at the Taylor Creek Visitor Center. Except for special events like the Kokanee Salmon Festival, these activities mostly end after Labor Day.

Hiking along the creek there are numerous signs of human involvement, including Fallen Leaf Lake Campground.


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Lake Tahoe Basin
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