Loons on a Lake

·      Premium Nature Sounds CD's with no music or distractions

·      60 continuous minutes of relaxing Sounds of Nature with no breaks

·      Mastered and Replicated digitally for highest sound quality

·      Recorded on location in North Americas most pristine natural locations

·      No annoying music, talking or unrelated background noise

The bird may be confused with cormorants, not too distant relatives of divers and like them are heavy set birds whose bellies – unlike those of ducks and geese – are submerged when swimming. Flying loons resemble a plump goose with a seagull's wings, relatively small in proportion to the bulky body. The bird holds its head pointing slightly upwards during swimming, but less so than cormorants do. In flight the head droops more than in similar aquatic birds.

This recording features not only great loons sounds but was recorded near the shore and a dock, so the sounds of small lake waves lapping at the shore can be faintly heard in the background.

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Loons on a Lake
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