Yellowstone National Park

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The Lamar Valley is a magical place. With its immense size, wide open spaces, and a roadway running all the way down it on one side it's the perfect place to view wildlife doing as they have since long before people showed up. Animals have all they need here. A reliable water source in the Lamar River flowing the length of the valley, plenty of grass land to graze on, lot's of space to watch for predators, and more than enough game opportunities for the predators.

Visitors who come to the park to view wildlife are constantly being pulled emotionally to the place just to see "if anything is happening in the Lamar". When you first arrive in the park the one place you will want to see immediately is the Lamar Valley. That is primarily due to the concentration and visibility of the wolves and bears there. The Druid Peak Pack has made the Lamar their home and so the chances of seeing a wolf are incredibly good there.

The Druid Peak pack lives there most of the year and surrounding packs make their appearance on a regular basis. The prey base is huge, the Lamar River insulates the wolves from most human contact, and the large open valley is a great place to spot in. If you go to see the wolves, try to stay as close to the Lamar Valley as you can. In the Lamar good viewing begins from about a mile east of Soda Butte cone all the way to the last turnout (Fishermans) before the Lamar canyon. The Slough Creek area is also good from the Slough Creek campground road entrance through Little America to the Yellowstone Picnic area. The wolves can be seen anywhere in those areas.


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Yellowstone National Park
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