Songbird Serenade Anthology

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Songbird Serenade #1
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Songbird Serenade Anthology
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CD available in US & Canada — Download MP3 file worldwide.

·      Premium Nature Sounds CD's with no music or distractions

·      60 continuous minutes of relaxing Sounds of Nature with no breaks

·      Mastered and Replicated digitally for highest sound quality

·      Recorded on location in North Americas most pristine natural locations

·      No annoying music, talking or unrelated background noise

This Anthology collection features 6 of our most popular bird song CD's, all 60 minutes in length and most importantly, all without any talking or background music. This could be the best remedy you have for those sleepless nights. You will get over 36 hours of relaxing natural sounds of singing birds. This Anthology features  our newest CD (Mockingbirds Morning) and five of our other popular CD's.

Nature Anthology Collections are chosen from over 140 nature sounds selections, to bring you a complimentary variety of different nature sounds in one convenient multiple jewel case. Each of the CD's included in this collection are over 60 minutes of continuous relaxing nature sounds, recorded, mastered and replicated digitally. All CD's contain no music, talking or annoying backgound noise so often found in nature recordings. This is relaxing nature as it should be heard, naturally!