Piedras Blancas Light

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Piedras Blancas Light Station is located on a peninsula situated at the southern end of Big Sur and the Santa Lucia Mountains, six miles north of the community of old San Simeon. The 19 acre parcel includes approximately ½ mile of Pacific Ocean frontage and is surrounded by rocky shoreline that supports a diversity of marine life.

The site is dotted with buildings constructed during the past 135 years, including a truncated lighthouse, fuel/storage building, fog signal building, fuel/oil house, tank house, two residential duplex housing units, Navy mobile instrumentation station and boathouse. Four of the structures - the lighthouse, fog signal building, fuel/oil house and fuel/storage building and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The near-shore marine environment is dynamic - rich in species diversity and minimally impacted by humans. Kelp is abundant in the surrounding water, supporting a healthy population of southern sea otters (In addition, species such as red and black abalone, mussels and sea anemones are present in tide pool areas. One of the most striking features of Point Piedras Blancas is the Outer Islet, a 110 foot high rock located approximately 200 meters west of the Point. This rock provides a significant resting ground for a variety of birds including endangered species such as the brown pelican and the peregrine falcon which utilizes the rock as a breeding ground. The Outer Islet is also a significant haul-out site for the California sea lion and the lower lying surrounding reefs serve as haul-out areas for the harbor seal, which migrate close to the Point during Spring on their north bound journey to Artic waters.




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