Pt. Pleasant Beach

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Pt. Pleasant Beach was originally a seashore playground for the Leni Lanape Indians, settlers arrived during the 1700’s. Captain John Arnold did the most to establish Point Pleasant Beach as a destination for visitors in the 1870’s, when he retired from a career at sea and bought land. In 1870, he built a roadway to the ocean, now known as Arnold Avenue. In 1875, he was instrumental in building the first bridge over the Manasquan River to Brielle.

Boardwalk enthusiasm came relatively late. The first beachfront pavilion was constructed on Atlantic Avenue in 1880. Ten years later, the first boardwalk was built—a flimsy, portable structure. It washed away within two years.  Around 1892, visitors flocked to Clark’s Landing, the original amusement area, on the Manasquan River in Point Pleasant. It featured a merry-go-round with a steam organ and ice cream making machine.

The first permanent boardwalk, which ran between Philadelphia and Central Avenues, came in 1915. It would eventually be expanded to run the entire length of Point Pleasant Beach; but was shortened to its present length by the hurricane of September 1938, which destroyed the southern portion. The boardwalk was slowly transformed from a place to stroll to an active amusement area.

It was already the long-time home of a merry-go-round and several other amusements when, in the late 1920’s, Orlo Jenkinson built Jenkinson’s Pavilion and Swimming Pool. The boardwalk pavilion became the place to go for a night of sophisticated dancing to well-known big bands. Sometimes, a live nationally broadcast radio hookup added to the excitement.


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