Sequoia National Forest

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The Kings River is a major river of California. It arises in the Sierra Nevada, consisting of three forks. The Middle and South Forks start in Kings Canyon National Park, while the North Fork starts in the John Muir Wilderness. The South Fork flows in Kings Canyon: a spectacular 8000' deep glacial valley. The forks join in the foothills of the Sierra, where the river becomes an attraction for whitewater rafting.

Sequoia National Forest is located in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California. The national forest is named for the majestic Giant Sequoia trees which populate 38 groves within the boundaries of the forest. The Giant Sequoia National Monument is located within the forest. Other notable features include glacier-carved landscapes,  impressive granite monoliths and wild whitewater rivers.

The Kings River flows about 125 miles to the Tulare Lake bed south of Stratford. Extending downstream from the junction of the South and Middle Forks of the Kings River, 6 miles of the main stem have been designated Wild and Scenic. In the steepest canyons, this river is accessible only by foot. Flowing 42 miles, 12 miles of this Wild and Scenic River flow through the Giant Sequoia National Monument. The upper 9.5 miles are accessible by road, even though the river roars through a rugged canyon. Watch for geologic features and striking scenery.


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Sequoia National Forest
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