San Juan National Forest

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The San Juan National Forest is located in southwestern Colorado on the western slope of the Continental Divide. It covers an area from east to west of more than 120 miles and from north to south more than 60 miles, 1,869,931 acres of public-owned land. Alpine lakes and meadows, canyons, waterfalls, cataracts, unusual geologic formations, historic mines, and broad variations in elevation and climate characterize this area.

In 1918 the Durango and San Juan Forests were consolidated administratively, with headquarters in Durango. The Spanish named the river "Rio de las Animas Perdidas", "River of the Lost Souls". In 1920, President Woodrow Wilson signed an Executive Order officially combining the two Forests into the San Juan National Forest. In 1947, a Land Order was issued that officially consolidated the Montezuma and San Juan Forests, and the present Forest is the result.

The Animas River is a river in the western United States, a tributary of the San Juan River, part of the Colorado River System. . It is also the last free-flowing river (un-diverted) in Colorado. The Animas River rises high in San Juan Mountains of Colorado at the confluence of the West and North forks at the ghost town of Animas Forks and flows south past the ghost towns of Eureka and Howardsville. At Silverton, the river flows into the Animas Canyon.



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San Juan National Forest
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